Yarra Bend Park

Discovering Natural Treasure

Explore and experience some of natures' wonders along the Dights Fall Trail and Merri Creek Trail

Excursion: 2 hours

Suitable for: Students (Grades 7 to 12)

Themes: Science, Geography

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Excursion Details

Location:                                           Kick off outside the Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford

Cost:                                                  Min. $375 for up to 15 students, plus $25 per additional student

Max class size:                                  50 students

Time:                                                 2 hours between 9.00am and 3.00pm (Time may be negotiated)

Other:                                               No GST is applicable to the excursion for registered schools

What the students will get

  • Explore, question and learn about the largest area of natural bushland near the heart of Melbourne. 
  • Understanding of the local rock formations, water system, flora and fauna.
  • An opportunity to undertake fun activities.

What the students will learn and do

Themes: Science,Geography

Excursion topics include:

Talking rocks

  • Land - Formation of Yarra Bend Park
  • Use of the land through history

 Living Waters

  • Dights Falls – intersection of the Merri Creek and the Yarra River
  • Water creatures – Activity

 Green Heritage

  • Woodlands
  • Wetlands
  • Parklands

 Creature Feature - 185 native species live in the park (Activity)

  • Creeping
  • Crawling
  • Flying

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