Intoexcursions was established as a result of identifying an underutilised opportunity to help educate primary and secondary school students in Australia.

Students now have the opportunity through Intoexcursions to gain specific applied knowledge in the classroom, and then to be able to apply that knowledge in a real world scenario (e.g. within a commercial or manufacturing businesses, or a non-profit organisations).  This process enables students to be much more engaged back at school, and supports them to become more effective life-long learners.

Being exposed to real world work scenarios also assists students to identify personal vocational preferences and help shape their career choices.

Linking classroom learning with industry and society is a very powerful way to prepare students for what are definitely challenging times ahead.  Promoting the ability to question things, and of being innovative are key to this nation's future success.

There are numerous incursion and excursion programs on offer in the market that are good.  There are, however, very few thoughtfully developed, consistently-themed and sequentially-structured incursion and excursion programs that provide applied learning experiences, both in the classroom and in the real world - that's the difference!

Intoexcursions is as the forefront of this exciting new way of helping to educate students so that they can reach their true potential.  Its' passionate founders, and equally passionate business/organisation partners, are jointly committed to educating young Australians.